Personally, if I ever need to research something, I often visit blogs because they can be great sources of high-quality information. However, once I’ve found the information I need I close that tab on my internet search and likely never return to the web page. Most blogs provide information, but not a real reason to ever go back.

We write blogs for our clients as stories, directed towards your customers and referral sources. We write about things that both interest your target market and get them more engaged in who you are as a company. People love to follow the stories of other people they like. Because blogs are long-form writing, there’s a lot of space for us to tell a good story featuring you as the hero. The good you’re doing. The difference you’re making. Why you stand out from your competition other than just “you cost less” or “you’re the more convenient choice.” What qualitatively differentiates you from everyone and every other company in the world.

It’s a powerful soft-sell technique we’ve employed with numerous companies that have earned them a lot of increased volume (one of our customers increased their open-market volume by 50% last year through this technique – an additional $250,000 in revenue). It saves tons of time from other marketing efforts, and homes in on your real audience. This is a drastically different marketing technique than what most companies do – placing tons of ads online and in social media (which often have very low return rates) and hoping they stick.

Our blogging is high-return storytelling.

First off, these are custom blogs – not the kind of short 300-word blogs sold by mass marketing companies. It actually does hurt your SEO to have blogs on your website that are duplicated or almost duplicated, on other websites. Yes, there are workarounds for that kind of thing, sometimes, but not if you’re getting the same blog posts that other companies are buying access to as well. Our custom blogs are 100% purely created just for you and your audience.

Second, our custom blogs are 1,000-word posts, getting you serious SEO traction. To clarify, this isn’t an “SEO service” like you might find with companies like Merge 2 Media (who is great at SEO, has a great price, and we recommend). Our blogs provide SEO organically because we write about things related to your industry for which people search. These blogs are an investment that grow with time because the longer a blog has been on your website, the more valuable it becomes for SEO purposes. Our blogs deliver web traffic to you.

When we work with you and your company on your blogging strategy and implementation, we find out everything we can about your industry, who you are, what you do differently than your competition, and what you want to promote. At the start of our relationship, we spend a lot of time researching your industry to get a good feel for what you want to communicate to your audience of current and prospective customers. Blogs are only as valuable as the forethought and strategy that go into them.

We do a lot of keyword research as well, if you’d like. Some companies already know exactly which keywords people are using to find their companies online, while others may not even realize that’s a thing. When we’re writing your blogs we make sure that your blog post is drawing in the types of people you want to visit your website, using the kinds of search engine terms that those people typically use to find companies like yours. It’s a bit of an art, deciding on the right keywords, and we help you make those decisions.

Many companies are blogging now to bolster their marketing efforts, and they’re seeing good results. For most companies, blogging is part of a larger marketing strategy, not the strategy itself. Done properly, they can be extremely effective as part of an overall marketing strategy. Contact us today to find out more about our pricing and how we can help you get started today.

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