Email Newsletters

Email newsletters aren’t as outdated as you might think. Sure, they work better for different demographics and industries than others. We do currently have clients from all kinds of industries that use email newsletter services though. Recently, we sent out an email newsletter for an insurance agency client of ours and they got a request back for a quote within just a few minutes.

Reach More People

You might be surprised to hear that we get 35-55% open rates (many experts aim for a 20-40% open rate). If you develop an email newsletter list of 200 people, you’ll be reaching 70-110 people per month with the click of a button. The content is custom-made for your audience, longer-form sales copy (as opposed to quick ads), and most importantly, we will target those same people every single month – or more often if you’d like.

Keep Them Interested

It’s rare for people to unsubscribe from your list so long as you asked them properly upfront if they wanted to receive the newsletter. So long as you deliver interesting or useful information and the sales copy is quality, they’ll stay subscribed, often indefinitely. Email newsletters just shouldn’t look like sales copy to the people reading. They’re basically free super-short magazines that deliver distilled information very quickly, with links and resources attached. Our goal is to make the information, links, and resources about your company.

You can expect to make $0.10 – $1 per name on your email newsletter list, per month, depending on what you’re selling, and your industry. We’ve seen companies succeed with email newsletters in industries ranging from insurance to remodeling, restoration services to gyms, nutrition to realty, gaming companies, electricians, chiropractors, massage, to personal coaching, and so on.

The more people we find people who like what you do, we just keep marketing to them, over and over. Once your company becomes a familiar name with the people you’re marketing to, your sales go way up – and stay there. When done properly, email newsletters are a great sales and follow-up strategy.

check out our portfolio page to see examples of work we’ve completed

Why Us?

When you hire us for newsletter campaigns, we take time on the front end to learn about you. We want to know about your customers, your history,

where you’re taking things for the future. Everything we can learn about you; we want to know. Then, at the start of each month we touch base with you for direction on what you want to design in your newsletter for the coming month. We’ll provide you a rough draft in a couple days, and you can decide if the newsletter’s ready or needs more work.

We provide not only sales copy in our email newsletters, but also pictures and formatting, if desired. We will also “house” your email list so you don’t have to keep them in other email platforms (saving you cost each month).

All-in-all, we make email marketing easy, and we create our newsletters for the highest open and response rates. If you’re interested in getting a quote for your monthly email newsletter creation, message us today! You may be very surprised at how inexpensive (yet effective) a good email marketing campaign can be.

Get Started

Give us a call today or message us on our Contact Page and we will either sit down with you or jump on a call to give you a free marketing plan review. You want some opinions on how to improve, or where to go from here? That’s what this is all about. We do it for free because we want you to see our work quality. Consider it our free “try out” to make your team. We’re certain we’ll make the cut if you’ll give us the shot.

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