Sales Support

Sales support is an incredibly valuable resource for anyone doing sales or business development. Even the best sales teams and salespeople in the world are always working to get better. Actually, the better a salesperson is at their craft, typically the more time you can find them improving their skills.

What The Support System Entails

We work with individuals and entire sales/ marketing teams to improve your face-to-face sales skills with bi-weekly phone calls and PowerPoint presentations that each last 30-45 minutes.

Half of the benefit from this program comes from our own expertise while the other half comes from the rest of the sales calls’ attendees. We typically try to get 10-12 people on each call, meaning that you may be getting sales support and continual training with people in varying industries, across the U.S.

Support Call Format

The first 15 minutes of every call are spent catching up with attendees and hearing what’s going on in their markets. Wins, losses, questions, and general sharing. People tend to ask questions that you didn’t know you needed to hear, too. We spend time going through brief updates of what everyone’s up to before transitioning into that week’s presentation.

The next 15 minutes or so are spent on the PowerPoint for the week, which covers a topic that we either have prepared, relating to sales and face-to-face marketing (most commonly), or we cover a topic that the group has asked for. If you need to know more about any aspect of sales, we’ll customize the presentation material for your group.

We always allow time at the end of the presentation for additional questions or follow-up. If any questions need additional explanation, we usually finish the call to respect everyone’s time, then schedule a follow-up call if needed.

Our sales support system also has the following benefits:

  • Access to sales scripts for you and your team. Always know what to say and how to say it.
  • A growing library of sales material and articles on sales thought process. As you might imagine, we do a lot of writing at Third Loft. Any material we create or come across that we can share, we post here for your benefit.
  • Recommended books and book summaries (like cliff notes, but based entirely on sales, psychology, business development, marketing, and related topics). We try to add new book summaries to our list every month or so.

Sales Support System

Organizations going through the 4-session sales training have free access to this system for their duration in training. Afterward, sales support can be purchased separately.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining a sales support group! This is by far the most economical option we offer for companies looking to improve their sales.

Get Started

Give us a call today or message us on our Contact Page and we will either sit down with you or jump on a call to give you a free marketing plan review. You want some opinions on how to improve, or where to go from here? That’s what this is all about. We do it for free because we want you to see our work quality. Consider it our free “try out” to make your team. We’re certain we’ll make the cut if you’ll give us the shot.

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