Sales Training

Many Companies Don’t Really Market Themselves

We are currently offering sales training and support for companies to whom we have recommended sales calls (in-person or over the phone) as part of their overall marketing strategy. By the way, most companies should be doing this. Most don’t, however, because it’s not the easiest thing to do. If you do make sales calls for your business, you’re already in the top 10% of companies out there. We can help you get there.

Program Credibility

Jake Tegtman, owner of Third Loft Marketing, began selling at the age of 19, in college. He sold insurance after college, then transitioned into business development for companies in the mold, water, and fire restoration industry. During his time in business development, he took his primary client from $100,000 a year in open-market sales, to $700,000 (and that number is still growing). Everything that Jake teaches in these sales training classes and the following support system is exactly what has made him successful. Jake now offers sales training and support to companies across the nation, and has experience working in numerous industries.

What This Program Entails

We recommend 4 short training sessions for your team. Each training session will last 1hour. We typically give at least one week between each training – sometimes one month – so your team has time to implement the ideas we share before building on the next set of principles and techniques.
While your team is going through the training, they will have free access to our Sales Support System, where they can keep learning and practicing, even between sales training sessions.

Session 1/ Week 1

Building A List, Planning Your Day, Prospecting (What To Say & Who To Look For)

Here we start from the very fundamentals of sales.

  • How to build a list.
  • Planning a day of marketing for maximum effect.
  • What to do before and after making sales calls for the day.
  • What to say.
  • How to know if you’re making an impact.
  • What should you leave behind, if anything.
  • “Grading” businesses you visit, to prioritize them (or not) for future sales calls.
  • Roleplaying – preparing your team for the field!

Session 2/ Week 2

Troubleshooting “No’s” And Other Rejections, Staying Consistent

Once people have some experience of making sales calls, we can do deeper.

  • Why people say “no” and why it’s a good thing.
  • What “no” really means – it’s probably not what you think!
  • Debunking myths – why getting them to say “yes” is not your main goal.
  • So… what is your main goal then…?
  • The various ways people say “no,” and how to move past it (we already refer to “x” company… we’ll put you on our list… I’ll keep you in mind…)
  • Using “no” to create more engaging and meaningful conversations.
  • How to motivate yourself to keep up sales calls numbers.

Session 3/ Week 3

Refining the Process, Building Friendships, Follow-Ups

Seeing the bigger picture of marketing.

  • Now that your team has experience both making sales calls and hearing the word “no” while moving past it, it’s time to see the big picture.
  • Especially in small towns or markets, business comes from people liking you… not how “perfect” of a salesperson you are.
  • How to literally double your productivity and output per day in sales.
  • How to make friends with people you don’t like, or who don’t like you.
  • Why follow-ups are the key to getting business.

Session 4/ Week 4

Personality & Avoiding Emotional Burnout (aka. Making Sales Calls Fun)

A more in-depth look at how to stay consistent and keep things fun.

  • Marketing is not easy. Your attitude does make a difference.
  • Tuning in your body language, tone, and word/ topic selection.
  • How to leverage your personality for maximum effect.
  • How to still be “you” while making sales calls, but relatable to literally anyone.
  • How to stay in the game. Avoid emotional burnout.
  • Make more sales than ever before, with less effort.

Your Company Needs To Grow

If you’re of the mindset of growing your company, sales calls make it grow. If you skip the basics, it’ll eventually catch up to you. But, sales and business development aren’t super easy and don’t come naturally to everyone. Give your team the training and support they need to grow your business.

Give Us A Shot

We come in, provide all necessary material, and get your team rolling. They’ll have unlimited access to our sales support system during that time. We know we can make a huge difference for your sales team. We can’t wait to work with you!

Get Started

Give us a call today or message us on our Contact Page and we will either sit down with you or jump on a call to give you a free marketing plan review. You want some opinions on how to improve, or where to go from here? That’s what this is all about. We do it for free because we want you to see our work quality. Consider it our free “try out” to make your team. We’re certain we’ll make the cut if you’ll give us the shot.

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