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You’ve probably heard that when meeting someone new you have just a few seconds to make a good first impression. We all look at people, places, things – and make multiple decisions about them very, very quickly. Sometimes too quickly, truth be told. But nonetheless, once those decisions are made, it can often take a very, very long time to change our minds.

There’s a lot of “noise” in the world today – a lot of companies competing for our attention. You drive down the road and see a hundred signs and banners. You jump online and habitually ignore dozens of notifications and postings from businesses because there’s simply too much stuff out there to pay attention to it all. We all have too many ads berating us on a daily basis.

You don’t want your company to be just another sign, banner, notification, or ad to your customers.

We don’t have to tell you that it’s vital for you to express yourself and your business properly the first time. In the first few seconds. It’s why companies spend so much time and money on their brand, their image, their company culture, and the way their interact with customers. It’s vital that current and prospective customers get the right communication directed towards them, in a way that interests them. If they’re not interested right away, they don’t stay to find out more!

You don’t have to be the company that reaches out to your customers via ads, exclusively. And your communication certainly doesn’t always have to feel “sales-y” to be effective. You can give people meaningful information that acts as your marketing. It’s a soft-sell approach that we’ve found to be very successful.

We help companies with is their sales material – the way people “see you” via paper, digital ads, social media, or any other medium containing the written word. We write professional-level sales copy, sales brochures, and sales material of any kind. We help companies get the right message and image across to their clients, maximizing their potential to sell more products and services.

Our clients are extremely passionate about what they do (it’s actually one of the prerequisites we have for taking on new clients – you must convince us that you love what you’re giving to the world, or we’re going to have a hard time selling for you. It’s just the way it is). But that doesn’t mean their all great at all aspects of their business. Some people need help with their sales material. Many people who own businesses, even though they are extremely passionate about their products and services, may not know how to properly communicate the benefits they offer with the world around them. Everyone has different talents. Ours is finding out the best parts about you and what you offer so we can tell others.

Our background as a company is rooted in both sales and academic level writing. We originally built our careers on face-to-face sales in the property restoration industry, marketing to insurance agents, property managers, realtors, and city managers. As our positions expanded in that field, we began using writing to stay in touch with our referral sources, without having to make as many time-costly, in-person visits. Because our college-level academic studies were in English and writing, we naturally developed a talent for sales-through-writing. It’s now become one of the biggest niches we’ve carved for ourselves in the marketing world.

We can help you word your products and services to increase sales in your market. We can help you stay in front of your audience without costly ads or in-person visits. We produce simple, cost-effective marketing and sales material that you can give to your clients and referral sources to bring you continued results for years to come.

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