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We’re really happy that you’re taking a look at our website. Thank you for being here! We’re excited that you’re taking positive steps to improve your business and get to the next level. We love providing marketing strategies and services because it’s fun for us to see companies grow.

But to be honest, and this is a little hard for us to say… we don’t know that you really need us. You may have a better idea than us since you know your industry, and your goals. But we really don’t know that we can help you yet.

And of course we don’t know if we can help you – we don’t know you yet. We provide services in sales copy, sales training, and sales performance, but we don’t know that really need that. Are you sure that’s the best possible use of money and time for your business right now?

Maybe yes, maybe no. It’s a question worth considering, in fact, regarding all your current marketing efforts.

One of the biggest problems with marketing is that it’s really one of those areas where you can spend essentially limitless amounts of money. As if that weren’t bad enough, you’re probably also not guaranteed results. That combination makes it tough for companies because everyone has limited resources.

Our goal is to help companies get the very most sales for the very least marketing expense. We believe that marketing can be very effective without costing a ton. It’s one of the reasons why we focus on sales copy, sales training, and sales performance instead of ad creation and management.

We recently began working with a company who had been using a lot of advertising on social media. As part of a marketing plan review and strategy session we asked them why they had chosen social media advertising as their main marketing strategy. Their answer? “Because it’s just what most companies are doing now.”

Makes sense to a degree. If a lot of companies in an industry are having success with a strategy, it’s always worth a look. But marketing strategies should ideally have a bit more reason behind them than pure duplication of someone else’s strategy.

The main way we began generating business for ourselves at Third Loft Marketing when we first started out was in performing marketing plan reviews for other local businesses. Our process of performing marketing plan reviews for companies today is still based in the same basic process. We sit down with you and your marketing team (if you have one) in person or set up a video call. Then, we ask questions about your business – as many as possible so we can understand your industry, current situation, and goals as well as we possibly can.

We review with our team, do more research of our own, and sit down to brainstorm. We’ve written marketing plans for many companies in many industries, so you get the benefit of seeing a perspective you may not have seen when we come back with ideas.

Some of the newest, best marketing ideas for any industry often come from some simple idea someone else is using in an entirely different area of commerce. We’ve recommended and employed marketing strategies known to work really well in the nutrition and supplement industry, for example, in the insurance industry, to great effect.

So, we get back with you and show you what we came up with. In some cases, our thoughts simply verify what you’re already doing – in which case there is no charge for our marketing plan services. However, in many cases, we can at the very least offer you a list of additional ideas to implement with your team. If you’re considering hiring us for other services, our marketing plan review can also be a great value for you. It allows us to help you make sure that hiring us for whatever service you’re thinking is really the best move for you – the very best use of your resources.

You may not need an entirely new marketing plan. If you’ve been in business for any period, you probably already have a really good idea of what you’re doing and where you’re headed, and we get that. No one knows you business like you do.

But, you may still be interested in a marketing plan review. It never hurts to sit down with someone who may have a different perspective. The very worst that can happen is you spend a couple hours looking into your overall marketing strategy, making sure it aligns with your overall business strategy.

Contact us for a free marketing plan review today. We can’t wait to talk with you.

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Give us a call today or message us on our Contact Page and we will either sit down with you or jump on a call to give you a free marketing plan review. You want some opinions on how to improve, or where to go from here? That’s what this is all about. We do it for free because we want you to see our work quality. Consider it our free “try out” to make your team. We’re certain we’ll make the cut if you’ll give us the shot.

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